Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: IDM/Downtempo/Electronica
February 23 2024, CD/DD, Touched Music

file under: idm/jungle/experimental
November 2021, DD, Detroit Underground

Andrey Kiritchenko - Overt
Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: instrumental/acoustic/modern classical/experimental
November 2017, CD, Spekk

file under: idm/techno/experimental
March 2021, DD,Aud-Art


file under: spoken words/experimental/analogue/acoustic
August 2015, DD

Andrey Kiritchenko - Enough Heaven
Andrey Kiritchenko
Enough Heaven
file under: instrumental/acoustic/modern classical/experimental
April 2015, 7″, Nexsound

Andrey Kiritchenko - ChrysalisAndrey Kiritchenko
file under: instrumental/acoustic/modern classical/experimental
november 2012, 12″, Nexsound
Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: instrumental/acoustic/minimal/field recordings/atonal/drone
november 2008, CD, SPEKK
Andrey Kiritchenko - SinemagiqAndrey Kiritchenko
file under: techno / experimental
july 2008, DD, Not on label
Andrey Kiritchenko - Mort Aux VachesAndrey Kiritchenko
Mort Aux Vaches
file under: instrumental/acoustic/field recordings/drone/microsound
april 2007, CD, Staalplaat
Andrey Kiritchenko
Stuffed with/out
file under: instrumental/acoustic/field recordings/drone/microsound
september 2006, CD, Nexsound
Andrey Kiritchenko - True DelusionAndrey Kiritchenko
True Delusion
file under: instrumental/acoustic/minimal/field recordings/atonal/drone/microsound
may 2005, CD, Nexsound/SPEKK
Andrey Kiritchenko
scatter stars
file under: minimal/glitchcore
april 2005, DD, -N
Andrey Kiritchenko - Interplays, In-betweenAndrey Kiritchenko
interplays, in-between
file under: glitchcore/field recordings/spoken words/ambient/electroacoustic
october 2004, CD, Ad Noiseam
Andrey Kiritchenko
Live at Ultrahang Festival
file under: ambient/glitchcore
2003/2005, DD/CDr, Live Reports
Andrey Kiritchenko
bandura sings about things
file under: electroacoustic.
2003, DD, Laboratoire Moderne
Andrey Kiritchenko
interprets Second Violin
file under: electroacoustic/digital.
june 2003, 3″ CDr, Zeromoon
Andrey Kiritchenko
kniga skazok
file under: IDM / glitchcore.
may 2003, CD, Ad Noiseam
Andrey Kiritchenko
bees & honey
5 original ambient glitch tracks, plus remixes by Kim Cascone, Scanner, 833-45, Kotra, Violet, the Moglass, Marcus Maeder, Brian Lavelle and Freiband
august 2003, CD, Zeromoon
R-42975-001.jpgAndrey Kiritchenko
00.00 (a suite of the midnight)
file under: glitchcore.
2002, DD, Autoplate
Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: dark ambient/microsound.
2002, DD, tiln
Andrey Kiritchenko
frequently occurring fault ep
2001, 3″ CDr, RetinaScan
Andrey Kiritchenko
the tracks initially written for Sidhartha in 2000
2001,CDR, Retinascan


a0226185679_2Zhadan & Ojra & Kiritchenko
file under: spoken words/folk/electronica
November 2012, DD, Self-released
R-2337670-1333185245.jpegAndrey Kiritchenko & Andrey Bogatyryev
Uncap Cocoons
file under: instrumental/acoustic/ambient
October 2010, 3″CDr, Nexsound
R-2111575-1264627373.jpegOjra & Andrey Kiritchenko
A Tangle Of Mokosha
file under: neofolk/electronica, ethnotronica
February 2010, CD+DD, Nexsound
R-1109016-1192694536.jpegSaralunden & Andrey Kiritchenko – There was no end
file under: pop/psychofolk/experimental
June 2007, CD, Nexsound
file under: ambient/drone/psychofolk/experimental/sound-collage
2006, CD, Nexsound/Carbon/1000+1 Tilt/Gold Soundz/Tibprod
R-457914-1130765804.gifPaul Kust/Kotra/Andrey Kiritchenko
Curious Kitchen
file under: free improv/acoustic/electronic
2005, DD, Nexsound
R-510652-1125653246.jpegFrancisco Lopez / Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: field recordings/drone electronics
2002-2005, CD, Nexsound
R-591051-1260547378.jpegAndrey Kiritchenko & Kotra
Live on EM-Vizija
file under: ambient/drone/acoustic
2005, DD, Live Reports
The Moglass & Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: ambient/noise/electroacoustic/drone-rock
2003, DD, Autoplate / Thinner
R-76294-1290965370.jpegKim Cascone/Andrey Kiritchenko/Andreas Berthling/Kotra
fourfold symmetry
colaborative work between four artists. file under: minimal / microsound / glitch / noise.
2002, CD, Nexsound


Rayz – Memory Monument on V/A Construction by Kultura Medialna, 2015
Live at Ambient festival, V/A XV Edition – MPM Ambient Festiwal Gorlice, Requiem Records, 2013
op. 58-9 on V/A Myths & Masks by Polish Institute / Kvitnu, June 2011
A Vesper on V/A Thesis by Impulsive Art, October 2009
A walking distance to my happiness, Liberation on v/a Bip Hop generation vol. 9 by Bip Hop, October 2008
Speading comets on v/a Cottage Industries 5 by Neo Ouija, October 2008
Flowers and fields on v/a music to fall asleep to two by thirteen songs
Bursting suns on v/a pueblo nuevo primer aniversario by pueblo nuevo
For behemoth who was afraid of darkness on v/a Million Ways To Spend Your Time by Quasi Pop
warming suns on v/a Movin on by -N
timetravel of a snail (+ video) on v/a ‘Five years of good music’ by Ad Noiseam
bees scattered on Frequenzen list by Frequenzen/ResonanceFM
5 loops on v/a YOKOMONO 3 LP by Staalplaat
scope of my perception on v/a Wire Tapper 14 by the WIRE
speading comets on v/a First by -N
myth03 on v/a Fabelbuch by Nexsound
parable on v/a Music of Deneb.2099 by Dars
Kingdom Of Blessed Dream on v/a Corvergence by Fulldozer
liquid_ice_and_harsh_cream on v/a nishi 50 by Nishi
rush to take hot bath on v/a Progress by RX:TX
liquid ice and harsh cream on v/a Polyvox Populi 3 by Nexsound/Atlantic
babai on v/a Rural Psychogeography by Nexsound
suntouch on v/a club transmedialle 04 [fly utopia] 2CD by Data Error
re ply on v/a Dissolution tapes on Zeromoon
pneumatic/airless on v/a Out to city 3 CD by Cheburec
closer to the sky on v/a Collection 3 CD by Databloem
suntouch on v/a Total Time 2CD by NN records.
eternity on microsound City of the Future project.
3icommaftn on microsound PI Day project.
Violet Molecule on v/a Canine Fragrance / Luumu Recordings
bufferFuct_strip on microsound
bufferFuct project
currated by Kim Cascone
musa_k on microsound Mcdonna project
3 min of parasite attack on microsound Parasites rework project
tron on v/a Bauhaus / Autoplate

under Critikal:

Critikal – Graphorrhea
Winter 2007, CD, Nexsound/Zeromoon/Kvitnu

Critikal – Art is God’s Gift
2002, mp3 ep, FGLC

Critikal – State
2004, mp3, Nexsound/Zeromoon

Tetris on v/a Tetroid by Entity
Critically fluffy – on v/a Idioscapes CD, Idiosyncratics, 2007
Accidental Tourist – on the compilation “Geologists and Professional Tourists Volume 2″, N&B Research, 2002.
.C. Remix – on .C. remix double CD, The LOCUS of ASSEMBLAGE, 2002
Remix – on “Disonancias y Repeticiones Ambiguas.”, Zeromoon, 2003
“three times” on v/a Total Time double CD, on NN records.
remix for Cornucopia – .C. Works 2xCD / on Zeromoon

under Nihil Est eXcellence:

NEX – Viz Milieu
only concrete sounds used.
2002, CD, DTA rec.

NEX – jacketed music
jacket (scratching, stickers, zippers, etc.) used as the only sound source for
this album.
2002, DD, Nishi

NEX – environ
2002, 3″ CDr, Soulworm

NEX – departure,passing,arrival
2001, 3” CDr,

now available for download

NEX – 4E4558.424F54
2001, Cassette, nexsound

NEX – -i
1999, D.A.M. CD,
now available for download

blindredsunset put moonset for Forma4 on Psy/Clone-2xEP 2CDR, 2002
Corpuscular on v/a Tonal Destruction II 3CD, DTA rec, 2003
question on v/a 1000+1 Tilt#8, Tilt
occasional confusion on compilation with Fear Drop issue #10, 2003, CD, Fario
am-e-drs in v/a _you’re all over the map… putting flesh on the
of the dirty work_, 2002, CDR, White-Rose
prostration in v/a the Sowing, 2000, CD, Dark

loopback in v/a Devastation, 2002, CDR, Evasto-Media
[==] in v/a 74 x 13, 2002, CD, DTA

chen_kit, chen_kit episode 2 on the Moglass/NEX split release,
2001, 3″CDr, nexsound
wan_vex, wan_vex2 on NEX/Alphonse de Montfroyd split relese,
2002, 3″CDr, nexsound
cle ma in v/a Electroshock presents: Electroacoustic music vol. X,
TBA, Electroshock records

under Sidhartha:

Sidhartha – mouse clicking
2000, ambient/idm/glitch.
2002, CDR, Wide Area Network records

Sidhartha – alfa moon planets (ep)
Including remixes from Mindspawn, Wood Worm, NEX, Oobe, Knarkhora Irma, Golova278, the Miracle,
as well as 3 Sidhartha’s tracks.
2001, CDR, selfreleased

Sidhartha – spheres
1998, D.A.M. cd,

Sidhartha – total momentum
including original tracks and remixes to Sidhartha’s tracks by Oobe, Logic Kills,
as well as Sidhartha’s mixes to X2 Proton, and Oobe
2000, D.A.M. cd,

participation in Control Z
50 musicians virtually composed a global composition, 2001, CD, (re)Aktion

ocean of storms, alfa moon planet, mare meredium in v/a Electronica
chapter one, 2000, GenCom

mare meredium in v/a Music for furniture
stage one, 1999,
mmmi in v/a Music for furniture stage two, 2000,