Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: idm/techno/experimental
March 2021, DD, Aud-ArtAndrey Kiritchenko - Overt
Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: instrumental/acoustic/modern classical/experimental
November 2017, CD, Spekk

file under: spoken words/experimental/analogue/acoustic
August 2015, DD

Andrey Kiritchenko - Enough Heaven
Andrey Kiritchenko
Enough Heaven
file under: instrumental/acoustic/modern classical/experimental
April 2015, 7″, Nexsound

Andrey Kiritchenko - ChrysalisAndrey Kiritchenko
file under: instrumental/acoustic/modern classical/experimental
november 2012, 12″, Nexsound
Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: instrumental/acoustic/minimal/field recordings/atonal/drone
november 2008, CD, SPEKK
Andrey Kiritchenko - SinemagiqAndrey Kiritchenko
file under: techno / experimental
july 2008, DD, Not on label
Andrey Kiritchenko - Mort Aux VachesAndrey Kiritchenko
Mort Aux Vaches
file under: instrumental/acoustic/field recordings/drone/microsound
april 2007, CD, Staalplaat
Andrey Kiritchenko
Stuffed with/out
file under: instrumental/acoustic/field recordings/drone/microsound
september 2006, CD, Nexsound
Andrey Kiritchenko - True DelusionAndrey Kiritchenko
True Delusion
file under: instrumental/acoustic/minimal/field recordings/atonal/drone/microsound
may 2005, CD, Nexsound/SPEKK
Andrey Kiritchenko
scatter stars
file under: minimal/glitchcore
april 2005, DD, -N
Andrey Kiritchenko - Interplays, In-betweenAndrey Kiritchenko
interplays, in-between
file under: glitchcore/field recordings/spoken words/ambient/electroacoustic
october 2004, CD, Ad Noiseam
Andrey Kiritchenko
Live at Ultrahang Festival
file under: ambient/glitchcore
2003/2005, DD/CDr, Live Reports
Andrey Kiritchenko
bandura sings about things
file under: electroacoustic.
2003, DD, Laboratoire Moderne
Andrey Kiritchenko
interprets Second Violin
file under: electroacoustic/digital.
june 2003, 3″ CDr, Zeromoon
Andrey Kiritchenko
kniga skazok
file under: IDM / glitchcore.
may 2003, CD, Ad Noiseam
Andrey Kiritchenko
bees & honey
5 original ambient glitch tracks, plus remixes by Kim Cascone, Scanner, 833-45, Kotra, Violet, the Moglass, Marcus Maeder, Brian Lavelle and Freiband
august 2003, CD, Zeromoon
R-42975-001.jpgAndrey Kiritchenko
00.00 (a suite of the midnight)
file under: glitchcore.
2002, DD, Autoplate
Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: dark ambient/microsound.
2002, DD, tiln
Andrey Kiritchenko
frequently occurring fault ep
2001, 3″ CDr, RetinaScan
Andrey Kiritchenko
the tracks initially written for Sidhartha in 2000
2001,CDR, Retinascan


a0226185679_2Zhadan & Ojra & Kiritchenko
file under: spoken words/folk/electronica
November 2012, DD, Self-released
R-2337670-1333185245.jpegAndrey Kiritchenko & Andrey Bogatyryev
Uncap Cocoons
file under: instrumental/acoustic/ambient
October 2010, 3″CDr, Nexsound
R-2111575-1264627373.jpegOjra & Andrey Kiritchenko
A Tangle Of Mokosha
file under: neofolk/electronica, ethnotronica
February 2010, CD+DD, Nexsound
R-1109016-1192694536.jpegSaralunden & Andrey Kiritchenko – There was no end
file under: pop/psychofolk/experimental
June 2007, CD, Nexsound
file under: ambient/drone/psychofolk/experimental/sound-collage
2006, CD, Nexsound/Carbon/1000+1 Tilt/Gold Soundz/Tibprod
R-457914-1130765804.gifPaul Kust/Kotra/Andrey Kiritchenko
Curious Kitchen
file under: free improv/acoustic/electronic
2005, DD, Nexsound
R-510652-1125653246.jpegFrancisco Lopez / Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: field recordings/drone electronics
2002-2005, CD, Nexsound
R-591051-1260547378.jpegAndrey Kiritchenko & Kotra
Live on EM-Vizija
file under: ambient/drone/acoustic
2005, DD, Live Reports
The Moglass & Andrey Kiritchenko
file under: ambient/noise/electroacoustic/drone-rock
2003, DD, Autoplate / Thinner
R-76294-1290965370.jpegKim Cascone/Andrey Kiritchenko/Andreas Berthling/Kotra
fourfold symmetry
colaborative work between four artists. file under: minimal / microsound / glitch / noise.
2002, CD, Nexsound


Rayz – Memory Monument on V/A Construction by Kultura Medialna, 2015
Live at Ambient festival, V/A XV Edition – MPM Ambient Festiwal Gorlice, Requiem Records, 2013
op. 58-9 on V/A Myths & Masks by Polish Institute / Kvitnu, June 2011
A Vesper on V/A Thesis by Impulsive Art, October 2009
A walking distance to my happiness, Liberation on v/a Bip Hop generation vol. 9 by Bip Hop, October 2008
Speading comets on v/a Cottage Industries 5 by Neo Ouija, October 2008
Flowers and fields on v/a music to fall asleep to two by thirteen songs
Bursting suns on v/a pueblo nuevo primer aniversario by pueblo nuevo
For behemoth who was afraid of darkness on v/a Million Ways To Spend Your Time by Quasi Pop
warming suns on v/a Movin on by -N
timetravel of a snail (+ video) on v/a ‘Five years of good music’ by Ad Noiseam
bees scattered on Frequenzen list by Frequenzen/ResonanceFM
5 loops on v/a YOKOMONO 3 LP by Staalplaat
scope of my perception on v/a Wire Tapper 14 by the WIRE
speading comets on v/a First by -N
myth03 on v/a Fabelbuch by Nexsound
parable on v/a Music of Deneb.2099 by Dars
Kingdom Of Blessed Dream on v/a Corvergence by Fulldozer
liquid_ice_and_harsh_cream on v/a nishi 50 by Nishi
rush to take hot bath on v/a Progress by RX:TX
liquid ice and harsh cream on v/a Polyvox Populi 3 by Nexsound/Atlantic
babai on v/a Rural Psychogeography by Nexsound
suntouch on v/a club transmedialle 04 [fly utopia] 2CD by Data Error
re ply on v/a Dissolution tapes on Zeromoon
pneumatic/airless on v/a Out to city 3 CD by Cheburec
closer to the sky on v/a Collection 3 CD by Databloem
suntouch on v/a Total Time 2CD by NN records.
eternity on microsound City of the Future project.
3icommaftn on microsound PI Day project.
Violet Molecule on v/a Canine Fragrance / Luumu Recordings
bufferFuct_strip on microsound
bufferFuct project
currated by Kim Cascone
musa_k on microsound Mcdonna project
3 min of parasite attack on microsound Parasites rework project
tron on v/a Bauhaus / Autoplate

under Critikal:

Critikal – Graphorrhea
Winter 2007, CD, Nexsound/Zeromoon/Kvitnu

Critikal – Art is God’s Gift
2002, mp3 ep, FGLC

Critikal – State
2004, mp3, Nexsound/Zeromoon

Tetris on v/a Tetroid by Entity
Critically fluffy – on v/a Idioscapes CD, Idiosyncratics, 2007
Accidental Tourist – on the compilation “Geologists and Professional Tourists Volume 2″, N&B Research, 2002.
.C. Remix – on .C. remix double CD, The LOCUS of ASSEMBLAGE, 2002
Remix – on “Disonancias y Repeticiones Ambiguas.”, Zeromoon, 2003
“three times” on v/a Total Time double CD, on NN records.
remix for Cornucopia – .C. Works 2xCD / on Zeromoon

under Nihil Est eXcellence:

NEX – Viz Milieu
only concrete sounds used.
2002, CD, DTA rec.

NEX – jacketed music
jacket (scratching, stickers, zippers, etc.) used as the only sound source for
this album.
2002, DD, Nishi

NEX – environ
2002, 3″ CDr, Soulworm

NEX – departure,passing,arrival
2001, 3” CDr, Darkambient.net

now available for download

NEX – 4E4558.424F54
2001, Cassette, nexsound

NEX – -i
1999, D.A.M. CD, mp3.com
now available for download

blindredsunset put moonset for Forma4 on Psy/Clone-2xEP 2CDR, 2002
Corpuscular on v/a Tonal Destruction II 3CD, DTA rec, 2003
question on v/a 1000+1 Tilt#8, Tilt
occasional confusion on compilation with Fear Drop issue #10, 2003, CD, Fario
am-e-drs in v/a _you’re all over the map… putting flesh on the
of the dirty work_, 2002, CDR, White-Rose
prostration in v/a the Sowing, 2000, CD, Dark

loopback in v/a Devastation, 2002, CDR, Evasto-Media
[==] in v/a 74 x 13, 2002, CD, DTA

chen_kit, chen_kit episode 2 on the Moglass/NEX split release,
2001, 3″CDr, nexsound
wan_vex, wan_vex2 on NEX/Alphonse de Montfroyd split relese,
2002, 3″CDr, nexsound
cle ma in v/a Electroshock presents: Electroacoustic music vol. X,
TBA, Electroshock records

under Sidhartha:

Sidhartha – mouse clicking
2000, ambient/idm/glitch.
2002, CDR, Wide Area Network records

Sidhartha – alfa moon planets (ep)
Including remixes from Mindspawn, Wood Worm, NEX, Oobe, Knarkhora Irma, Golova278, the Miracle,
as well as 3 Sidhartha’s tracks.
2001, CDR, selfreleased

Sidhartha – spheres
1998, D.A.M. cd, mp3.com

Sidhartha – total momentum
including original tracks and remixes to Sidhartha’s tracks by Oobe, Logic Kills,
as well as Sidhartha’s mixes to X2 Proton, and Oobe
2000, D.A.M. cd, mp3.com

participation in Control Z
50 musicians virtually composed a global composition, 2001, CD, (re)Aktion

ocean of storms, alfa moon planet, mare meredium in v/a Electronica
chapter one, 2000, GenCom

mare meredium in v/a Music for furniture
stage one, 1999, mp3.com
mmmi in v/a Music for furniture stage two, 2000, mp3.com